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GL Bowron sheepskin rugs

Update: We have replaced our natural pelt rugs with ones from our local New Zealand tannery, Classic Sheepskins. These offer excellent quality, consistency and value. We continue to stock Bowron Baby Care products, the FleeceEase medical rug and GL Bowron comforters and underlays.
Our sheepskin rugs are manufactured in New Zealand by G L Bowron & Co who are the largest sheep skin tannery company in the world. See Bowron history. They are known worldwide for producing the world's finest sheepskin products. The terms sheepskins and lambskin or lamb skin are used inter-changeably.


The raw sheep skins are sourced from New Zealand and Australia. The breeds of sheep of the two countries varies, in New Zealand they are bred mainly for lamb meat which is one of New Zealand's largest exports and in Australian mainly for wool as well as meat. For both sources the hides are a by-product of their primary use.


Available from Kiwi  

Bowron range

The largest in our range - the Octo (x8) size

Bowron sheepskin rugs have been specially tanned, using a bleach-free process, to preserve the beauty of their natural colour. Bowron select only the finest lambskins from the famous Romney and Merino breeds


Bowron grade their main ranges of lambskin rugs as Bronze, Silver or Gold Star. We only offer the premium grade, Gold Star, for our natural shaped singles and multiples. Only those skins with the softest, most lustrous wool finish and defect free pelts achieve the Bowron Gold Star grading. The multiples use a number of lamb skins which have been expertly matched and sewn together.


Sheepskin rugs - pelt sizes


We keep all Gold Star rugs in stock so we can provide a dispatch time of just one working day.
Although you will find our prices to be the lowest around with Air Mail (or NZ Courier) delivery included, for those on a particular tight budget or for use as a pet rug, we have the Bowron Country Living Autumn range in natural Ivory. Available in two sizes, large and small, they are both smaller than the Gold Star single and their wool length and exact shape may differ.


Contempory designer range  

Designer range

As an alternative to the natural shaped lamb skins, take a look at our selection of Bowron contemporary designer rugs. Available as a border or petal style and in a variety of colours:
Border - Ivory longwool centre with choice of shortwool border. Pile height: Base: 50mm (2"), Border: 27mm (1.2") Petal - circular with scalloped edges. Pile height: 50mm (2")


Bowron FleeceEase  

Medical skins

Bowron FleeceEase medical sheepskin rugs provide added comfort for all ages and is a boon for those suffering from backache, arthritic pain or sports injuries. They can be used by anyone who is confined to one place for long periods, even long distance drivers. See FleeceEase medical skin benefits for further information or go directly to medical sheepskin.


Babycare StrollerFleece  

Baby care

Bowron have developed a range of baby care products that have undergone a specially developed tanning process including Sanitized treatment to make them suitable for infant care use. For details see our on-line catalogue baby bedding & baby care category listing.


See multi-currencies for details of our true multi-currency shopping facility.

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